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Floating Fountains

Floating Fountain 1/2 H.P. - 2 H.P.

A Floating Fountain ( or lake fountain , or aerator), is simply a fountain in a lake to float up and down as the water levels changes, that uses a pump and has some aeration benefit for the water. Driven by innovation and quality, Aquascape Engineers manufactures the floating fountains on the market today. We offer unique choices to our customer on both the display patterns and the operating systems depending upon your needs. Aquascape Engineers builds fountains and flotation devices for customer solutions. We offer over fifty beautiful floating fountains, lake aerators and circulators. The Decorative fountain/Aerator is the only product of its kind that contains no oil, is rustproof, and is totally pollution free.

Floater made from unbreakable fiber glass with foam filled. Eight different fountain nozzles are available for natural water patterns. Changing nozzles and patterns is as easy as loosening three screws.

All Floating Fountains are shipped with the following equipment :
• Choice of one nozzle pattern display
• Cast irons submercible pump
• Stainless steel strainer screen
• 50 Feet of Under water power cable
• Pump Starter
Floating Fountains Floating Fountains
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