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Ball Joint
PF 800 Series
Direction Swivel Union
Ball Joint
Ball Joint
Ball Joint
Design and application Data
PF 800 Series Directional swivel unions (Ball joint) are used to align those jets and nozzles that do not have a swivel base incorporated and required directional adjustment beyond 5 to 15 off centerline.
Specification Data
Directional swivel Union (Ball joint) are made from cast bronze with Teflon sealing and stainless steel fasteners.
Hydraulic Data
Model No. BSP Conn. Dimension A Dimension B
PF 803 ½” - -
PF 804 ¾” - -
PF 805 1” 62mm 100mm
PF 807 1 ½” 75mm 116mm
PF 808 2” 90mm 135mm
PF 812 3” 111mm 190mm
PF 813 4” 140mm 220mm
Ball Joint Ball Joint
Adjustable Flanges Adjustable Flanges
Drains & Inlets Drains & Inlets
Distribution Distribution Chambers
Junction Box Junction Box
Cord Seal Cord Seal
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